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Band : Primal Fear

Genres : Heavy Metal

Instruments : Guitar


During the last couple of years I was in search of a really great and reliable acoustic instrument that would reflect my demands both in the studio and on the road.
I was introduced to LÂG guitars thanks to French national guitar virtuoso Stéphan Forté and his band Adagio. Soon, I started to pay attention to the acoustic
guitars that the company was building and I thought they were really hi-end and top notch quality instruments.
Michel Lâg and myself got in touch and had a discussion about this matter and we agreed for me to endorse a new Tramontane series model entitled as T100ASCE.
This guitar combines and delivers a really warm, deep and sweet tone due to it's Mahogany construction both on the body and the neck. The feel is phenomenal due to its silky neck, and the fingerboard gives you a really "fast" type of feel which allows you to incorporate smoothly chords & arpeggios.
All in all the Tramontane T100ASCE is an outstanding acoustic guitar up to specifications even for the most demanding professional guitarist performing either live or in the studio.
Tramontane est extraordinaire.