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Jean-Félix LALANNE

Jean-Félix LALANNE


Birthday : September 8

Nationality : French

City : Nice

Instruments : Guitar

Material : 6 Custom Lâg guitars


Jean-Felix plays :
Double Neck Tramontane "Double Jeu" Custom Jean-Felix Lalanne
Imperator Custom Jean-Felix Lalanne

First on stage at the age of 12, the french guitar player Jean-Félix Lalanne owes a lot to Marcel DADI, who will always remain his musical initiator and friend. At 17, he records his first solo album, adapting famous Chopin piano solos to the guitar. In addition to his carrer as a guitar player, he is also a successful arranger and producer, composing his first symphony at 20, "The Romantic Symphony", for the guitar festival of Liège (Belgium). He was nominated for the "Victoires de la Musique" (Grammy Awards equivalent) for the original soundtrack or 'Le Passage" with Alain Delon in 1986 and "Dédales" by René Manzor in 2004. Since 1979, Jean-Félix Lalanne has recorded 23 albums and produced many songbooks and videos.

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