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Nationality : Swiss

Band : UDO

Genres : Metal

Instruments : Guitar


Jgor Gianola, rock and metal guitar player from Switzerland, has been part of the band UDO since 1998, besides Mr Udo Dirkschneider from Accept, one of the Metal Gods and biggest act in metal scene since the '80.
The band has a total of 6 albums, 2 DVDs and 7 World wide tours in 12 years. From 1986 over 1,000 gigs in more than 40 countries all over the world and many cooperations with different artists!

«In July 2010 I had the pleasure to meet Michel Lâg-Chavarria in a big festival in France, and I was impressed straight away about these Lag Acoustic Jewels! They are to me a fantastic compromise of quality, clear sound and lightness of playing!
I'm a Rock and Metal guitar player since 25 years and I never found a pure acoustic guitar like the Tramontane T100 Slim series so close in comfort with an electric guitar. The neck it's thin and stable, great finishes and the thinnest body you can imagine with a fat sound! The electronic gives a fantastic range of different sounds thanks to the great Studiolâg, together with a precise and comfortable tuner with bypass function!
For me a new era to play Lâg acoustic!»