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Nationality : American

Band : Stone Sour

Genres : Metal

Instruments : Guitar, Bass


The hard rock band Stone Sour was founded by Corey Taylor (who is also Slipknot’s lead vocalist) in Des Moines, Iowa in 1992. In 1997, Stone Sour went on hiatus so Taylor and guitarist Jim Root could focus on Slipknot. The group reformed five years later in 2002, and added Josh Rand as rhythm guitarist.  
Josh Rand began playing music when he was fifteen, starting on bass but switching to guitar early on, and he hasn’t stopped since. Since Josh joined Stone Sour, they have released three studio albums: Stone Sour, Come What(ever) May, and Audio Secrecy, all with much success. The group received two Best Metal Performance Grammy Award nominations for the singles "Get Inside" and "Inhale" off of their self-titled album, and continued their Grammy noms with Best Metal Performance in 2006 for "30/30-150" off of Come What(ever) May. The group has also had a number of singles rise to the top of the Billboard charts, including "Through Glass" which peaked at number one on the Mainstream Rock Chart in 2006. 2010’s Audio Secrecy sold 46,000 copies in the US its first week, and it debuted at number six on the Billboard 20. It was a top ten album in various countries throughout the world. 
Stone Sour is currently recording their fourth studio album, said to be a double concept album coming out this fall. We recently caught up with Josh in between recording sessions to briefly discuss music, the new album, and Lâg:

Lâg Guitars: How did you begin playing the guitar?
Josh Rand: It started off with an acoustic with only four stings on it, like 20 years ago.
Lâg: You’ve been playing in Stone Sour for over 10 years…any experiences from performing that stick out in your mind?
JR: Rock in Rio last year when Mike Portnoy filled in for Roy (Mayorga) on drums. 
Lâg: Do you have a favorite song to play live? 
JR: “30/30-150”.
Lâg: That song kills! You guys are in the studio recording a new record…is there anything about the direction of this album that you can share? How has the process been going so far?
JR: It’s a double concept album, but the way Stone Sour would do a concept album…and it’s going great. We are really excited about this record.
Lâg: Any other projects in the works that we can keep an eye/ear out for?
JR: Not at this time.
Lâg: Let’s get into your acoustics. What do you think separates Lâg from other acoustics out there?
JR: Lâg offers great quality at an affordable price.
Lâg: Do you have any favorite features of your Lâg guitars?
JR: The overall feel of the instrument; it’s very easy to play.
Lâg: Are there any specific tunes we can hear or that will be coming out soon that have you playing a Lâg?
JR: “Gravesend” and “Sadist”.
Lâg: Cool. Is there anything else you’d like to mention?
JR: Check out the new Stone Sour album this fall 2012!
Lâg: Thanks, Josh!
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